Faculty Services

To: All Faculty Members

From: Amy Holl, Textbook Manager

Katie Crain, Asst. Textbook Manager

Re: Fall 2021 Textbook Adoptions

Date: March 2021

It’s time to submit your textbook adoptions for Fall 2021 classes! Book orders are due to us by Thursday, April 15. Timely adoptions permit the Bookstore to acquire a greater quantity of used books as well as the ability to submit the title for the rental option. On-time adoptions benefit our students with better prices during buyback. Should you be unable to submit your adoptions by the due date, please do so at your earliest opportunity. IF YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRING A TEXT, KINDLY NOTIFY US SO WE MAY LIST THE CLASS AS “NO TEXT REQUIRED, SEE PROFESSOR, OR SEE MOODLE.”

As a reminder, the Higher Education Opportunities Act (HEOA) of 2008 requires all colleges to make textbook information available to students as soon as practical and to the maximum extent possible. Click here NACS Overview of HEOA Textbook Provisions (PDF | 14KB) for an overview. Dickinson College fulfills this obligation through the Bookstore website. Titles adopted will be viewable online and reservations will begin early August.

Please note the following dates:

  • April 15 – Textbook adoptions due to the Bookstore
  • June 18 – Last day to submit your order to be considered for a rental option
  • Online Buyback, which coincides with finals. Students will get a better price for their books if they have been readopted for the next term. It allows us to have a better selection of used books to sell in the fall, at a lower price, since we won’t have to pay shipping costs.
  • August – Target date to open website for student orders
  • August 30 – First day of classes

Please place your adoptions using the faculty link on the RIGHT side of the Bookstore website (red box “Textbook Requisitions, Faculty Only”), www.dickinson.edu/store. You may also send us the author, title, and 13 DIGIT ISBN via email. When you place your order online, make sure you hit “submit.” A confirmation email will be sent to you and your ADC by the Textbook Department once the adoption has been processed. If you don’t receive this within a week, please contact us.

Since SP17, the Library no longer obtains copyright permissions for printed material. We are now using a third party vendor, LAD Custom Publishing. If you will be using a coursepack requiring permissions, please contact us about this as soon as possible. If you will be using printed material, which does not require copyright permissions, the procedures will be the same as in past terms. Please contact the Textbook Dept. so we may fill out a Print Request form for the Print Center.

Please keep in mind that if a title is cancelled or changed from “Required” to “Recommended” or “Optional” after we have placed an order for it, the academic department will be charged for the incoming and outgoing shipping. 

If you require desk copies, we would be happy to provide publisher contact information, but we do not order desk copies due to the conflict of interest. You may request them, or ask your ADC to request them for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We will be happy to help. We are here M-F, 8:00 – 4:00. Thank you!

Amy Holl, holla@dickinson.edu

Katie Crain, craink@dickinson.edu